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I am a woman who believes in FLEX-ABILITY: the ability to flex my mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical muscle so that I can embrace different cultures, cuisines, and circumstances! As a daughter, friend, neighbor, co-worker, speaker, author and poet, I enjoy talking to people of all cultures because it adds value to my life.

Publishing my book, Vignettes of a Family Journey (dedicated those that have, or continue to love, someone that suffers from dementia) required FLEX-ABILITY.

The road was filled with many hills and valleys. At times, I felt that it would never happen, but it did! (Dedicating a book to you, or your loved one, at one of my speaking engagements would be an amazing experience for me).

I am honored that you have decided to visit my blog, and that you are now part of a community of FLEX-ABILITY warriors!

The Well-Connected Writer

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