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Effective writing is important in all professions, from schools to boardrooms.  How your words are constructed to create an introduction or speech that reflects who you are determines the value that you bring to your audience.  Writing an effective speech is labor intensive, but well worth the effort!  Connect with me, so that I can help you restructure your words into a speech that will transform the hearts and minds of your audience.

The Writing Journey

An impactful moment!

A chance meeting!

A life experience!

You have to write it down, record it, or type it in your laptop, because if you don't the idea is gone!

After the idea is written, doubts take hold.  Does it make sense?  Does it add value to my readers or listeners?  How will it sound when I deliver it before an audience?

Writing your stories with the intention of transforming the thinking process of your audience is my specialty!  


The  Well-Connected Writer

Our stories must be told so that the world can grow into new consciousness, empathy,and open mindedness. 


Vignettes of a Family Journey, is a bi-lingual memoir that brings awareness about Alzheimer’s and dementia from the family’s point of view.   

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