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Team Building! Somebody's Got to Do It!

Four years ago, I developed The G.A.N.A.S. Team Building System, which is inspired by the human body, specifically the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, nervous and integumentary systems. The system serves as a guide to:

1) give me insight on what level each member of my team is performing and

2) ensure that I, as a leader, am meeting the requirements that I expect from team members.

Today, I will share the first of the 5 pillars: Genius!

Genius (Skeletal System) The foundation (bones) of The G.A.N.A.S. Team Building System is focused on the development of the team’s discernment skills, the main objective is for each team member to develop the ability to collect information, then focus on each other’s inner Genius. This ensures that each team member uses, and most importantly, respects one another’s unique gifts, talents, and abilities to contribute toward the success of the project.

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